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December 09, 2010



ahhh, the ubiquitious govt move boxes! I'd recognize them anywhere. I found I'd collected a lot of crap (well, I knew it already, it just hit me in the face with the strength of a thousand useless gizmos) the first time I had to do my own move.

Good luck finding Christmas spirit. I think the Littles will help, if you just ask. ;)


Uuuugh the stuff that gets left 'til last is always the worst! Looks like you're almost done though, so hang in there!


Ugh, moving's such a PITA! I hope you love your new house, and congrats on finding a good home for the über sewing machine. Happy holidays.


I love your big red bookcases!


Good luck with the move! The stuff at the end is always the worst. Hope you catch the Christmas Fever soon, there's still plenty of time. Undoubtable, whatever you do, the holidays will be memorable. I hope they also are joyous.


Moving is tough, but that big smile on your face is encouraging! Hang in there!!


UGH, moving, we just went through that in August, try to stay un-stressed... :}

Shaunda Devins

I've been through the same experience of moving, and it does take the life out of you. But thankfully, after just a month of getting settled, my children and my husband have adjusted with everything. The new environment certainly helped bond and grow as a family.

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