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January 06, 2011



Those balls are spectacular. (Balls... heh)


those balls (heh) are gorgeous. I'm glad that knitting gets local press.

Also, as you will see if I ever post, that I did a hill country hat as well. And now I realize that is the hat you were working on when you visited. I have no idea how I missed that. it's a great pattern. Unfortunately, my gauge was way off and it couldn't fit my brother (the intended recipient) so mine is going to charity as well. Glad you're back posting!


Oh, it took me a bit to find this, because I've apparently never put one of my projects in Ravelry. This is my go-to baby foot item. I love to use thicker yarn - DK, or heavy fingering - and then do the ribbon in lighter weight sock yarn in a contrasting color. For Behler's kid, I made navy blue booties with an olive green Icord ribbon. Oh, and I kitchener the bottom closed instead of doing a 3 needle bind off.


Whoa, those ornaments are awesome!


Beautiful ornaments!


I am in LOVE with those beaded ornaments. I want a tree full of them. So, so pretty.

Kathleen Kelly

Woah!! I was Googling inspiration for some beaded ornaments I make and stumbled on photos of these.... they're amazing! They look perfectly done!

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