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January 03, 2011



I love that quilt so very much! Happy new year, Nova. I hope you got all the injury out of the way.


that quilt is unspeakably gorgeous. that is one seriously lucky baby!


super lucky baby!

Sorry for your trifecta... that's becoming an unhappy holiday tradition. :(

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and that 2011 brings you much joy and laughter.

Jennifer O.

Gorgeous quilt! And I've been thinking about making a yellow and grey quilt for a friend's upcoming baby.


Beautiful! What a great idea for a quilt. Happy new year!


Oh Nova, This is MADE OF FABULOUS.


That is SUCH a gorgeous quilt! I hope you make it through 2011 with minimal further injuries - poor you!


Your Starry Night quilt is adorable. I'm sorry to hear about your injuries, but I hope things are looking up for the rest of the new year.


I love this quilt so much I could cry. Really, it is amazing.


This is such an awesome quilt. And how lucky is this family, to have it AND the Mansfield quilt? I hope that you finish up your recovering quickly!


Oooh, that is really lovely! Nice work. Love your tag, too.


So so so pretty!


That is my favorite quilt of 2010 too - including the ones I made! What a lucky baby. Here is to an injury free 2011.


Love it. Isn't is great when you conceive something in your mind, then make it happen, and it turns out? So much more special than a pattern that you buy.


So sorry to hear about your trifecta of injuries...hope you are on the mend!! This is a GORGEOUS quilt, you outdid yourself!


Happy New Year to you and your family, Nova! That quilt is gorgeous! I love the colors you used.

Brad Fallon

The quilt is so pretty! Happy 2011!


So amazing! Who wouldn't love a blanket of stars?!


I love your blog. I am particularly in love with those Christmas ornaments.
So many beautiful things, and you write well too.
You were my favorite discovery of the day.



That's gorgeous! Nicely done.

Becca C.

This is perfect!

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