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February 18, 2011



Looks great nova! My m-I-L has said she will b making quilts for all the grandkids and I will have to show her this. Amazing!!

Sarah Smith

Nova, this quilt IS amazing! So creative. And I LOVE the signature block--endearing and equally witty. I know Little Sir loves it too :-)

Jo @ a life in lists

What a great quilt idea! And I love the idea of ownership - I let my toddler help me sew some of his big bed quilt (read: he sat on my lap and helped feed it through the machine) and he is SO proud of himself. He tells everyone who goes in his room that he sewed this quilt.

Deborah Kindel

Amazing, absolutely amazing. I love that your quilts, hats, sweaters, whatever, always tell stories and are woven together with bits of fiber, love and humor. What an "amazing" record of their lives you are providing for "the children."


What fun! The quilt is fabulous and the children are adorable. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for putting a hilarious image in my head this morning with your Tom and Katie reference.

Your quilt really is awesome. I love the maze idea, and I sympathize with Little Sir's lack of interest in naps. I never took naps either. You're a great momma.


Love it!! Has he taken a nap yet??? heheh


Oh love love love!! Mazes are my favorite -- and this is just, ooooh, so cool!


Oh wow, the quilt is (truly and punnily) amazing. The signature block is just the best though!


So creative and beautiful! Well done! And why do kids NOT want to take naps. What I would give for a mid-day nap...


I think that is wonderful!


I love it! I keep feeling like I should make my TLD a special quilt of his own for rest time....


This is fantastic!! I look forward to the day B can tell be what he wants in a quilt!


It's so great! I love it!!


Nova, this is so fantastic. And the signature block is the perfect touch. Your amazing (ha, said it) quilt reminds me that I need to make another for Miss Lily.


Ha ha, yes, the signature block IS the beast part - beautiful!


That is the single most fantastic thing I have ever seen.


Love the signature block! It really is the best part.


Wow, I love it! Maybe Little Sir will lie down with his quilt and be lulled to sleep while tracing the maze ...



What a very cool quilt, and very loving.

Too bad you didn't finish before Little Mister learned to talk...

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