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February 14, 2011



Good gravy, your four year old writes out his own Valentines? I may need to have a word with my four year old, who does not even write his own name (though I suspect that he CAN and merely doesn't care to).


a) You are clearly a great mom, and b) you clearly have an awesome kid. The complaints about name lengths made me laugh and laugh. My name is quite long!


You are an EXCELLENT mommy. The patience of a saint.

Our girls (2 1/2, 7 mo, 7 mo) are too little to write out their cards, so we signed them on behalf of the kids and stuck candy on 'em. Two adults were working nonstop for an HOUR to get it done.


You and Little Mister are adorable in the reading photo. It's okay to give in to a holiday, especially for the kids.


Oh, this post made me laugh. The look on your face in that photo does say it all.

And for the record, I think your Little Mister pulls off that look far better than its originator.


Oh, sweet sweet sweet!!


oh I adore the cuteness of your kids! I thought the post was mildly amusing until I got to Valentine writing and then I laughed and laughed.

After two hours, I wanted to gouge my eyes out... and I had to listen to him complain about parents--including his own--giving their children names with so many letters.

And then I looked at the picture of you being "patient" and laughed more. :)


i love love love love your expression in the "patience" picture... says sooooooo much!


oh, and btw, i agree with Little Sir about the names. My parents gave me not one but FOUR names with a minimum of 7 letters (maximum was 11). I was ten before I could spell my own full name.


With a wife out of town last month, I had the wonderful duty of handling valentines for all three kids! This included goodie bags, making a dang valentines box, and of course ensuring that the youngest one's were all complete. Yes, I bribed him with skittles. Sue me. I like the blog, Nova! Still using your Nikon d-something? Nice.I promise to be a more consistent reader. Oh, and Princess Bride. Did you know that was Billy Crystal?

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