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February 23, 2011



On one hand, it must feel very counterintuitive to essentially reward the fighting with a shiny new quilt. On the other hand, as you've already observed, you really can't get away with making just one of *anything*, let alone something like an actual quilt. Good luck with getting it done fast enough to keep the peace!


Sounds just like my sister's house, but with more awesome quilts (Annie missed out on that particular Sister Weekend). I do believe a pattern for a maze quilt could get me to a fabric store! Hurry up, I can't wait to see!
; )


He is TOTALLY doing that to get one over on his brother. You were an only child so you never had that 'joyful' experience. The funny thing is, when you're the one doing the goading, you never remember that turn around is coming and you'll eventually be the goadee. Remind LS of that when LM is being "mean" to him and "hogging" the quilt that "he" designed.

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