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February 04, 2011



Happy Birthday to Special K! Those socks look so nice and practical. My husband never ask for knitted things. Except a hat, but that was only because I saw him try to buy one from Target. He didn't want to ask me because he says I am always busy knitting for someone else. Whoops! Well, I showed him and knit one up right away. That was a few years ago and he still uses it. If I tried to make him a new one, he would ask me why when the one he has is perfectly fine.

I love the "happy wife, happy life" philosophy of marriage. I am going to use that line!


I really love the heel on those socks!


I love it that you call him Special K.


Lovely knit! Oops, I should say, Waaaay macho socks! Very cool heel!


Hmmm, I say I want to knit more from KVS and two blogs in two days show gorgeous socks. It's meant to be. Happy Birthday K!


Happy Birthday!! That's some nice flame-age on that cake. ; )


Nice socks and great back story! I think I'll have to look for that book. my "The Boy" has been hinting for knit socks of late.


Great socks! It's nice to have such a supportive husband, who understands your need to craft. I hope he had a wonderful birthday with you and the kiddos.

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