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March 29, 2011



My vote is for the button on the left.


I am fond of the one in the middle, with a speck of amber peeking out. Actually, though, they're all good choices.


I don't know if seeing the whole sweater would change my choice, but from the picture above, I would go with the one on the right.


I vote for the one on the right, because I like the way the silver works with the blue -- at least on my computer's monitor. Second choice is the one on the left.


To add to the 'diversity' of your responses, I like the middle one best and the right one second best. These votes might not help clear your decision, huh?! :)


I like the one on the right the most.


Right is right!!


My vote's for the one on the right!


I feel like buttons can definitely make or break a handknit cardigan. I've struggled with button choice multiple times and thus have accumulated quite a selection of buttons. I also think the button on the right has a nice extra interest value. Is it a shank button? I find those are easiest for little fingers. Of course, you can always create your own yarn shank for the others if necessary. Can't wait to see the finished sweater!


I choose the button on the left.


I'm leaning toward the one on the left, but not very hard. They do all work pretty well. Maybe if there were photos of the whole sweater modelling the buttons individually as they will appear on the final sweater, the choice might be clearer.


If I didn't post about progress, I'd rarely post at all!

I like the button on the right best, with the middle button coming in second.


I like the one on the right!


I like the button on the left.
Beautiful blue for the sweater, too!


I vote for the one on the left. It seems to take on a blue hue against the sweater.


I think they will all work for the sweater (the color is gorgeous, by the way!), but I like the left and the middle best.


I thought it would be easier to pick buttons for someone else than it is for my own knitting. It's not. I say left. But if I come back in a minute, I may say right. ;)


And I add to the confusion by saying the one in the middle! :)


My 6 year old and I vote for the button on the right. I enjoy all your posts!

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