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April 04, 2011



The cardigan is awesome! Little Sir is quite the hoot, btw.


I adore Little Sir. That is all.


Which one of the guys on This Old House dresses like this?


OH MY GOD, Nova, sign that child up for a Newsies audition immediately. He is beyond adorable. and the sweater is fantastic--you should be proud.


Awwwww. Such sweetness! I'm glad for his quirks.


That is a kid who knows what he wants. Seems that he'd actually given this matter quite a bit of thought. Which really is great, if it produces something that he really wanted and really likes. I hope he doesn't grow out of it too fast.


So cute!


You are such a wonderful mother. Period.


Darling! Charming! Sweet!

Both he and the sweater.

Well Done!


That is an awesome sweater. I have a grandson with "old man" quirks like your Little Sir. I wonder where it comes from? It mystifies all of us in the family....hmmm.


I got my son (toddler) the most adorable bowtie from Lands' End just before Christmas. It was red and black wool flannel. He looked adorable in it.

I love that your Little Sir has his own ideas on fashion. But how could he not?


Awe I love Little Sir and the raglan!! Too cute. He's so distinguished!


I must say the resemblance between his and Special K's wardrobe may answer the old man quirks. I think he looks fabulous in his sweater. Tragically, he's apparently grown out of the phase where they quietly wear anything, but hopefully you'll get more than 20 hours notice on the project and he'll wear it for more than 20 hours.

Oh, and I hope Little Mister doesn't mind the Sophisticate sweater so that the larger size won't be a total waste!

And I'm also glad that you don't have a fondness for 1970's patterns because those heathered gray pants the woman is wearing in the raglan picture are atrocious! :)


aww, so adorable. i love the "old soul" kind of kids. he must be great fun to hang out with.

great sweater, too! :o)


I love the old man style he's developed. It's awesome that he had an exact idea of what he wanted, and you were able to execute his vision! Another win!


This is so adorable. I am very impressed by his professor chic style. You can tell him I think bow ties are awesome too. :)


The sweater is perfect and so, I think, is Little Sir!

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