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May 08, 2011



A pillow for my bed. I needed one and I wanted a froufy-neck-supporting one.

I'm totally a practical gift giver. Last year I gave Adam a leather hole punch because he'd mentioned over and over how he needed a new hole in his belt. Of course I got him something else too but it was actually quite funny to watch him unwrap it and think that was the only thing he got.


Happy birthday! I used my birthday gift card to Target (from my parents) to buy cat litter, paper towels, and assorted necessities this year. Not fun, but necessary items...


I got myself some knives for Christmas not exciting but great help when I am cooking!

Andrea Kuck

I used my $50 check from my Grandmother, to help pay the cell phone bill. Communication is very important to this lady.


I have that water bottle too. I love it! And the bright orange color means I never leave it behind at yoga. :)

As for practical gifts, I'd have to say it's hand soap. I'm a sucker for B&BW or Target soaps and their yummy scents.


Last year I bought myself a new teflon frying pan on my birthday....following dinner at our one-pump gas station. You have to love rural Texas!


Perhaps this years gift: New bedroom furniture. Sure, it is something we could live without, but its also very practical.


I just love seeing pictures of you and your boys in party hats. Fun! I'm glad you had a nice weekend of celebration and fiber.

This past year, I bought some new moisturizer with my dad's gift card. It's not a very fun gift, but it's an essential!

I think the kitty litter comment is the best/most practical, though!


A office chair for Christmas. Not exciting, but it was needed at the time.


Happy fourth day of Novakkah! The most practical birthday gift I ever got for myself was a 1-ton I-beam clamp. I'm an aerialist, and the I-beam clamp is an expensive but essential piece of rigging equipment that gives me the freedom to practice in nearly any building that has exposed beams.


I love everyone's practical gifts! For our anniversary one year, the Mr. and I bought a refrigerator. We joked that it takes a lot of work to make it to the appliance year :)


I'm pretty sure I've used gift money for groceries, but beyond that, I guess I'd have to say drinking glasses. We got a gift card for Christmas, most of it went towards plain, round, basic drinking glasses.


a air pop popcorn machine for mother's day this year!


Not a gift I purchased nor was it just for myself, but I like it so much that I consider it mine...Our washing machine broke down in February a few years ago and so my husband bought a new front-loading one. It arrived on Valentine's Day. :)

Angelia Batson

I got myself contacts...I broke my glasses on my birthday.


My husband got me tires for our minivan for Christmas. Practical, but not so much fun. But after driving on icy mountainous roads to see my family for Christmas, it was nice to have new tires to drive the 18 hours back home.


One year for my birthday I really, really wanted a paper cutter, but my mom refused to get me one because it was too functional. So I just got one for myself :)


Happy Mothers Day and Happy Novakkah! I always get practical gifts for myself: my most recent a yarn scale!




I love everyone's comments. I have to agree the cat litter seems the most practical so far.

the most practical gift I've given was using my gc from xmas to (help) buy the boy's prom stuff. the result is NOT practical - a suit that will be worn once, in all likelihood - but it was completely a practical choice to spend someone else's money rather than spend mine to save the gc.

as for myself... hmmm... crickets... i need so little that really, anyhing i buy is, by definition, not practical... oh! I know! I asked for (and received) a replacement drink holder for my car after I accidently threw the original out.


I have used gift money to buy pans, but they are baking pans so not necessarily practical.

The most practical present I have gotten was given by my husband. The first year we were dating he gave me an ethernet cable for my brithday. In response to my somewhat dismayed comment "An ethernet cable?!" he said "It's a Belkin!"


I use birthday and Christmas money to pay bills all the time, but I've got something to tie that now: this year for Mother's Day I bought myself a packet of stitch markers. BO-RING.


because my birthday is so close to christmas, i've used gift cards to buy christmas presents for others. i guess that's not super practical. i once asked for an external hard drive though.

Amy :)

Um, I don't usually get myself birthday gifts... does that count as practical? This past November after my brother & his wife sent me an amazon.com gift card, I promptly used it to buy a gift for our 8-year-old son whose birthday comes right after mine.

*Love* the yarn & books! :)

Amy :)


Hmm, if it's practical I never consider it a gift.

I did get myself a soymilk maker with some birthday money last year. I guess that's pretty practical, and we've definitely gotten a lot of use out of it.

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