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May 10, 2011



Gift that keeps on giving? My mom's pizzelle maker, because now she keeps making pizzelles and giving them to people :)

I LOVE hanging things on walls, you're going to have so much fun. Sadly, I have run out of wall space so I can't play that game anymore.


Embroidery rocks! Or at least the embroidery I see other people do. I do not yet have the skills...

I am thinking - my sewing machine cabinet I got from the husband. Before the sewing machine just sat wherever. As did lots of sharp pins and little bobbins and such that look delicious to crawling babies. So - the cabinet locks! Best thing ever. Has made sewing life a bit more organized, which is huge when trying to find the time to sew with two kids 2 and under.

heather dot nevits at gmail dot com


The calendar with pictures of my grandchildren gives me smiles every morning. I even have a little display of calendar pictures from years past for additional grins. They grow up so fast!


It sounds crazy but I think the gift I got that has turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving...

was the year my mom called and said "we sent your birthday present." and then there was this weird mischievous giggle followed by "we got it for you because we're having SO MUCH FUN with ours!!" heehee cackle cackle.

It was so creepy and bizarre and I spent the next week wondering WHAT IN THE HELL DID MY PARENTS SEND ME.

It turned out to be a crockpot/slow-cooker. And indeed, I use it all the time.


I LOVE etsy and you've made some amazing choices. I've been tempted by a lot of the art printed on old book pages, but haven't indulged myself just yet. I already commented with this answer--but the gift that I gave recently that "keeps on giving" is several pairs of Addi turbo knitting needles that I gave my sister. Gifts that keep on giving that I have given myself recently (with birthday money from my in-laws) are a subscription to Interweave Knits and Knitwear Design Workshop (book) by Shirley Paden. Love the embroidery that you have been doing (the books). I framed some fabric in embroidery hoops to decorate my bathroom. Would love to add some embroidered accents to them (like adding a bee or butterfly to a floral print).

Angelia Batson

In truth the best gift that I have ever received that keeps on giving is my spinning wheel.

DeWayne, my partner, heard me talking about wanting to learn to spin. While calling me a flake constantly because I knit, quilt, needle arts ect...he started researching spinning wheels and found my beautiful Ashford Traditional about 6 hours from our house. I love to spin and make yarn for projects for our kids and for friends.


Wow, what a great gift (not that my wow should in some way imply the other gifts are not great, of course). Well, I would say the best gift I've received, would be my Harmony needle set - I love it as it's so convenient and takes the worry out of most knitting projects because I know I likely have the needles.
The best gift I've given that keeps on giving? How 'bout that Zealand wool? hehehe Maybe Rocky's Koolhaas that he wears most days from September to May. Or perhaps all the scrapbooking stuff I've given to my sister over the years...


My birthday was this week too. A month or so ago, I mentioned to DH that what I really wanted for my birthday was a recording of my (now 3yo) son singing Happy Birthday, so that I could re-play it every day if I wanted or decades from now to remember what a cutie he is today. He got me an HD video camera for my birthday. This is truly a gift that will keep on giving.


Like Angelia, I think my spinning wheel is the best gift that keeps on giving. I got it for my birthday two years ago, and it is one of my favorite things I've ever received. And I feel like spinning itself is a double gift - I get to enjoy it once when I spin and then again when I knit what I spun up!

Heidi aka Digital Misfit

The best gift that keeps on giving that I have ever received is this computer. My sister sent it to me a couple of months ago to replace my aging machine. This one is so fast, and with 1TB of storage, I can download every single pattern I have ever admired!
TY for sharing such a fab gift. I LOVE to embroider, especially in the summer when it is too hot in my craft room to do much else.

Happy Novakkah!


My best friend gave me a birthday card last year with $100 cash inside. I went to Jo-Ann and bought a cutting matt, rotary cutter, ruler, and assorted other quilting necessities. Best gift ever! I use them all the time and even make gifts for other people with them.


I definitely find anything crafty is a gift that keeps on giving.

However, the gift that I think gives the most are my cookie sheets. Friends gave mine to me in grad school, and my husband just upgraded them for Mother's day. I bake cookies for my family, for friends, for neighbors at Christmas, as pick me ups for co-workers post surgery, ... Really any kitchen gift will keep getting used by me to try to spread a few smiles among those I know.


My husband gave me a iPad as surprise for Mother's Day 1 yr ago. It's awesome. I use it as a e-reader, surf the internet, read pdf patterns, and my latest favorite is the Netflix app for instant streaming. Melody has been using it for stories (they read it to you), puzzles and games and also for watching Netflix cartoons. It has become Melody's iPad and I only get to use it when she is asleep.

I never thought I wanted it until my husband gave it to me. But it has been a very useful gift.

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