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May 07, 2011



For my Dad's birthday last month I took him on a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. He really wanted to go for a long time and since mom died last year I thought I should be the one to do it. The selfless part comes in because I am horribly motion sick. My sister called just before we took off to tell us she was pregnant and he just kept saying "this is the best day ever, the best day!"


I am forever bringing home little gifties for my husband. Last weekend, I went away to a spin retreat. There is a lovely pottery studio nearby. My husband loves pottery, so I brought him a bowl.


My sister turned 30 this year, and I wanted to get her something practical AND fun. She had admired an anatomy book with illustrations from like 150 years ago at the Taschen store months earlier, and I found a slightly less break-the-bank-expensive copy for her online. She totally loves it! (She is a massage therapist and really into anatomy.)

Andrea Kuck

I happen to be close friends with my midwife. When she became pregnant in the summer, we were so excited that I would be able to be at the birth, and start my training with her. A few weeks later, she began to miscarry. It was very painful for her, and having 3 young children already made things all the more emotional.
I drove up to her house with my two little ones, and cooked, cleaned, including a puppy house filled with you know what, and watched the children, so she could rest and let her body heal. I feel that this was a very special gift, seeing as she helped bring my wonderful daughter into this world, the least I could do was help her as she saw her child leave this world.


My friend lost her mom a year ago in late May -- really unexpectedly. I'm sure it was devastating. I recently knit her a pair of a socks -- all the while, I thought about her and her mom, and how close their bond must have been. They were knit with good intentions and peaceful thoughts for her grieving process.

I had been planning to give them to her close to the anniversary of her mom's death, but decided to give them to her last week (during a rough week at work). I think she really liked them.


A friend managed to nearly slice off two of his fingers on a tablesaw, so I bought him a push-stick. It was a very simple gesture, as I worked at a place that sold such things, and it wasn't expensive, but it seemed appropriate, and I think he really appreciated the thought.


I'm currently knitting some kilt hose ON SIZE 2 NEEDLES for my brother. I wouldn't do this for anyone else, but he's a pretty great kid and has turned into an amazing, feminist, smart, and funny adult. He deserves some handmade kilt hose. (so, I guess they aren't a gift yet, but they will be!)


Last time I was in DC, I got to see the WWII memorial. I took a lot of photos, and framed my favorite for my grandfather, who fought in WWII. I gave it to him on a regular visit, not for any occasion. I wanted him to see that I appreciated his service, and felt lucky that he is my grandfather.

I have to say, this gift you're giving is incredible! I didn't know you had an etsy shop. I love your colorways (especially Capote).


It's been a pretty boring gift year from me, this year, i think. I think I'm always pretty thoughtful, trying to get people things they can really use and will like, but I'm pretty big into utilitarian, non-cluttering, and even consumable gifts these days. My mom was over the moon excited by the new hankerchiefs (from australia) that I bought her because all hers were wearing out, but that isn't super exciting.

I'm working on a pretty exciting birthday gift (IMHO) for someone now, but it hasn't been gifted yet. I guess the most thoughtful gift I've given lately was the cowl i made my mom. I bought some blue sky cotton (she's allergic) in a color of blue I know she loves and then knit something that I knew she could use for her walks every day. I should blog about that... :)


My mom is getting to the point where she doesn't want to be gifted things because she already has a lot. So this year for her birthday we took the whole family to the California Academy of Sciences and then out to a late lunch at Park Chow. She loves doing things a a whole family and she's been wanting to visit the CSA since it reopened a few years ago. It was a great day had by all.

Nancy S

For my hubby's birthday last year I did a tribute to some of the awesome trips we've taken together.

First I made authentic fish cakes from Barbados, where we were married. Then I made a photobook of our photos from the Grand Canyon and finally a bottle of Middleton's whiskey that he discovered when we were in Ireland.

He loved it, the only problem is now I've set the bar really high for this year!!


A handmade, beaded shawl - just because - for a dear friend!


My husband took a spontaneous day off of work to spend the time with me on my birthday riding around town on our bikes and ending it off with a nice home-grill BBQ for two.

Angelia Batson

When my friend J's husband had open heart surgery, I knit her a purple, her favorite color, silk, her favorite fiber, lace shawl so she could wrap up and know.she wasn't alone and was loved.


I just gave my sister some Addi turbo knitting needles for her birthday. She is a relatively new knitter and never spends money on herself. So she doesn't have a lot of needles and most of the ones she has are the cheap variety. Anyway, I LOVE knitting with the Addi turbo circulars so I bought her four of them in sizes to coordinate with projects I know she wants to knit. It was partly a selfish gift in that I LOVE talking knitting with her and want to encourage her knitting as much as possible. Knitting has just brought me so much joy that I want her to have that same joy. Love that you are gifting this. You are SO thoughtful. I've never had handspun yarn before and think that is it just so generous that you are both dying this (and possibly spinning it) for someone.


The best gifts I give are always of my time, which is scarce these days. I take time to do something of the birthday boy or girls choosing, whether a party, or low-key time alone, even if that wouldn't be how I celebrate.


My mother is a breast cancer survivor, so I run in the race for the cure every year. The first year, I got a bunch of friends to run with me. In addition to my number, I wore a tag that said "MOM" and all of my friends wore tags that said "Robby's Mom" on our backs. At the end of the race we lined up and got a group picture of our tags (and sweaty backs). I framed it and sent it to my mom to let her now we were all rooting for her. I'm pretty sure she loved it :)


I haven't given it yet, but I took my son to visit my mom for a week, and I plan to make a photo book of the photos I took while we were there and give it to her.

Sigh....that stroller looks pretty spiffy. Do you like it? I have a 3yo and a baby coming and am looking at double stroller options.


I knit my mother in law a lovely cotton ruana / vest thing (same shape as a ruana, but seamed halfway up the sides so it forms a loose vest.) My MIL lives in SoCal, but loves the idea of my knitting. I found beautiful slubby 100% cotton yarn in HER colour and had to make something. The only problem was what. After thinking for a while I came up with a plan to knit her something to wear in the cooler weather while she putters about or reads. I designed the vest to work with her style, and knit it up.

She loves it even more than I had hoped.


Love seeing all those great women in your pictures. I did a double-take when I saw the shot with Ann - because I thought it was me!

The most thoughtful gift I *would've* given this year was to my husband for our 10th anniversary. I was trying to do a papercutting - the same one you did for KP a few years ago (the couple under the tree, the man is reading and the woman is knitting). But I couldn't get it finished in time, so I gave him shoes. I still hope to finish it. Maybe for Father's Day?


Such generosity! Have a great celebration.


I have a problem with milesone birthdays ... and tend to be very upset that I am another decade older ... the thought of turning 40 really hit me hard, and my husband knew I was dreading it . Instead of his usual teasing, a few weeks before the big day (yes - I was upset for a LONG time before the day), he said - go online, and find a nice spot somewhere warm - we'll go south for your birthday". I wa overjoyed - that meant there would be no "over the hill" jokes on the big day ... and noone I knew besides him there whenth e big day arrived. I was so happy! It was wonderful to be in the Dominican Republic on Feb. 2, 2008 -- there was a HUGE snowstorm at home that day, and I was warm, comfotable and happily drinking margaritas under a palm tree - and had very little birthday anxiety! He is a sweet thoughtful man, my Tom!


It's me again. Thought more about this (because that's the kind of person I am--the kind that lies in bed and thinks about things) and thought of a gift that I think is better than the one I originally commented about. This year for J's 5th birthday, I made him a photobook. He is obsessed with zoos and animals and is always checking out books about animals and watching shows about animals (Wild Kratts, Zoo Babies, Willa's Wild Life, Animal Atlas, Zoo Confidential) and spouting facts about animals. Anyway, I had a bunch of pictures from our different zoo trips (Dallas, Cleveland, Oregon, Cleveland) and I spent hours making them into a book on an online site. Then I looked up info about each animal I included and put interesting facts into the book. Anyway, it took a really long time to make it perfect, but J LOVED it. We read it to him almost every night and he loves that it is so informative and pictures of animals he saw himself on our trips.

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