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October 31, 2011



Oh my god, your kids' Halloween costumes slay me every year. If anyone came to our door with anything half that clever I would give them the whole damn bowl of candy.


Great costumes and perfectly wonderful photos. Have fun "campaigning" tonight.


Oh, holy moley, THE CUTE!. They are just precious and the costumes are *perfect*. Also? Your photography here is fantastic!!!

*paid for by the Campaign to Re-Elect Little Sir, 2012*




I love it! They are awesome!


Your children are so beautiful! Happy halloween!


I'll vote for him! And that security detail is too cute. Glad you were able to come up for air.


All hail! Who doesn't love an adorable president? The adorable security detail is frosting. So freakin' cute.


I would definitely vote for Little Sir. So cute! Also, I'm sad I missed you while you were in Houston. I had plans to go to the quilt festival, but life took me out of town instead. Hope you had fun!


Fantastic costumes. I love how into it your little one is in the first picture. Adorable! Can't wait to read about your quilting excitement.


What cuties your boys are.
I am a quilter who likes to dabble in crochet and i came across your blog link for the hexagon blanket - Ruby - simply gorgeous. You have inspired me to give it a go (wish me luck)- the number of loose ends sounds daunting so i may do 2 rounds of each color to reduce that number!!!
and i do love your latest quilt - so stunningly simple visually.

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