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January 11, 2012



This post alone was worth the price of admission! So much goodness in one place. How do you do it all, Nova?? I barely have a quarter of your output.


You are an inspiration, I use your bag at the store and all the whole food people think I'm cool, thank you for that ;)


Wait, those socks...is that fingering?

Love the book embroidery!


so listen, if you need a test quilter for that pattern... just let me know! :)


Wow, you did a lot that never showed up on the blog! Your interlocking quilt is awesome! I'll be on the lookout for that! And I love the stockinette socks. The color is awesome. Seeing your Littles always makes me smile. They are so cute!

I love your embroidery, too!

If you come back for the Quilt Fest this year, let me know. It would be fun to meet up!


Your posts always make me laugh so much - you have the best sense of humor.


Yay! Happy New Year!


Nice to see this post, and Happy New Year to you! You have been really busy and crafty - I'm amazed at how much you do with two little children at home!

Like Lauren above, I enjoy your humor. Hope to see many more posts from you in 2012.


awesome post! love all you have done and know the new year is going to ROCK!


i can't believe how talented you are. I hope we both are able to share more of our craftwork in our spaces in 2012.

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