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February 27, 2012



Adorable! I love that this conversation happened :)


fabulous gifts!

what kind of fabric do you use for handkerchiefs?


He certainly knows exactly what he wants. Too funny!


What a cute request! How can you say no when he asked so politely!


There is something to be said for just asking for what you want, rather than trying to drop hints and getting upset that they weren't picked up. I think it's good that you're raising such a direct – yet still polite – young lad.


Aww, these two are quite a pair! Love those hats:)


You really can't say no to that kind of logic. Oh, they are just so cute! You're a good momma, Nova!


Don't you love those very specific requests. Good thing Mommy loves those two little cuties. :)


oh snap! and touche.

those smart kids can sure be a pain in the ... rump.

cute hats. I prefer Little Mister's color choices myself. I really can't see Special K using those hankies, though I think they are magnificent.


Your son is SOOOOO smart! But I bet you knew that already. :)

My 3-y-o and I have that "do you love me" conversation ALL. THE. TIME. Me, being not as patient as you, sometimes replies, "No, I love you only on Tuesdays and Saturdays" (being careful to change up the days so that I always mention whatever day today is). Then she asks me what day it is, and I say "Tuesday!" and she cries out, "Then you love me today!" and we hug. But I swear we have this conversation about 5 times a day.

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