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March 15, 2012



Wow, cool. Quilting is pretty much foreign territory for me -- I adore them, just haven't been driven (yet) to make one -- so I had no idea that you could even get something like that for use at home! I love some of your practicing!


I love that practice piece w/ white on red. I still have my practice piece from when I rented some time on a long-arm. I think I may even have bound it. :) YAY MORE QUILTS!


So, let me get this straight. You basically built a long-arm??? Wow. That's amazing! And your quilting looks amazing!


I've never heard of such a contraption, so I certainly have to commend you for buying it and putting it together as you did. Plus your practice quilt looks great! I can't wait to see your other creations.


I know nothing about this and so googled my way to videos showing how it works. Day-um! That is some SERIOUS equipment. I thought (from your pictures) that you'd take the handles and just "drive" it yourself, but I see that it can be programmed do a bit more than that! A stitch regulator (I know what that is, actually) sounds like a VERY good co-investment.


That quilting machine is so awesome! Your practices are so neat. I can't even wrap my head around how it works, it looks like it has handles so do you move the whole machine? Either way it's neat. Yay for craftiness!

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