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May 09, 2012



Nice!! My birthday falls in November, right before Thanksgiving, so it usually is a free day -- if I could spend it any way, I'd do what I did last year! The whole family on my mom's side was all together for Thanksgiving and it was so wonderful, in my parent's house with the fireplace and coffee and my boyfriend getting to meet everyone, and the cousins all around. I loved it.


If I had a free day, I would probably spend it spinning, reading, writing, and playing board games with my son Acorn and various friends and relatives.


It IS my birthday today AND I took the day off, and all I want to do is sew.


My fiftieth is my next birthday and I've already put in my request - go to Portland and spend the weekend. My daughter is starting college and it will be the first time she is away on my birthday.


My birthday will be only a few weeks after my wedding, and if I'm still at my current job I'll definitely have the day off. I'd look forward to a day of cooking, crafting, and spending the evening with my husband. :)


Well, ever since I had to start summer school on my birthday, I've made a point of taking my birthday off. I think I've spent 1 or 2 underway, but otherwise, it's Kathy Day! If there is a baseball game (like there will be this year) I always go. And I knit. And I don't clean. And I read. Sometimes I take a bath. Oh, and Rocky cooks dinner. It's pretty much the same plan every year - cram as much of my favorite hobbies into one day and try not to be stressed or do any work.


I'm lucky because my work gives us our birthdays off as a vacation day. It is a very nice perk! Usually on my birthdays I relax, knit, spin and read. Or generally do nothing!


Oh boy. I would love to go out to breakfast with my hubby, eventually go work out and then have a nice, relaxing massage. Lunch with Mom would be fun, followed by a little shopping. Time out for knitting and a little nap. Dinner (in or out) with my girls, and CAKE!!

Happy Novakkah!! ;)


Right after a long day at work is probably not the best time to answer this, but spur of the moment, all I can dream of is putting my sore legs in a lake and just listening to the birds singing and the water lapping against the bank.


I guess your comment about unquilted projects answers a question I was going to ask. I wondered if you were at the point to do quilting for others. I've got a project that I would like to get quilted, since my FMQ skills aren't really up to snuff.

So! Back to the topic at hand, my birthday is right after Christmas, and I typically am off work/school. Unfortunately, though, most friends were always out of town or gearing up for new year's, and wold skip out on celebrating. If I had a free day, I would also love to spend it quilting. And maybe throw in some sushi, ice cream, and a nap!


Seeing how today is actually my birthday and I have the day off, I'll just let you know what I did today. :)

I spent the day playing around with my new Kindle Fire, got a massage, enjoyed a cocktail and a nap. Now I'm just waiting for my husband to get home so we can go to dinner!


My birthday's in mid-March, when the weather is quite unpredictable here, and what I'd do with a free day would depend on that to some extent. On a nice day (which could be a nice winter day or a nice spring day, but would definitely be clear and calm even if it was cold) I'd like to spend part of the day outside hiking or cross-country skiing. On a not-so-nice day I'd stay indoors with a nice cup of tea, a couple of library books, and my knitting.


Well, if I win this one I would spend it piecing and quilting! Actually, I might do that anyway. I seem to recall a few quilt tops that are cut out and languishing in a cupboard.

katie metzroth

wow! I need another hobby like a need a hole in the head (which is my phrase of the week apparently) but I've been thinking of taking up quilting after seeing Lorax fabric (link in case you care to see http://www.fabric.com/eco-friendly-organic-boutique-organic-quilting-cotton-print-fabric-the-lorax-organic.aspx).
I'd probably spend a free day knitting...or maybe learning to quilt. :)


My birthday is in December, so having a free day isn't that exciting in December because the weather's usually cold and crap. I'd probably spend it at the movies. But if I had a free day for my birthday and it were in May, I'd go up the coast and take the ferry out to one of the islands and spend the day wandering around and eating ice cream and looking at pretty island houses.


I would start by stopping for some coffee, and doing a little bit of clothes shopping. Then I would visit a couple of local yarn stores. In the afternoon, I would read a book, and possibly take a short, guilt-free nap. I would then make a nice dinner for us, one that takes longer than we usually have during the week. And I would have made a stop a the fancy bakery to pick up something decadent for dessert.


I really need to finish my test version of Interlocked, eh!! ;)

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