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May 12, 2012


Amy Sullivan

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NOVA!!! Looks/sounds like you had a fabulously fun-filled day! What was in all those present boxes? Did you enjoy your cake? I personally love box cakes! Even more-so if little hands are involved in making them! : ) Though, I do also miss our shared chocolate bomb cake! Miss you! ~A


Happy birthday to you! I think all birthdays should be celebrated for a week (at least). Thanks for celebrating it with us :)


Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day! Well-deserved.


Happy birthday!

Deranda Granade

I wish you the best birthday ever. I love your two boys; they are precious. I raised two boys also and we are truly blessed to be mothers of boys because we hold the key to insuring they become fine men--keep their dreams intact.


awesome! happy birthday! your shop has some lovely fibers in it! i love the colors in chopin ♥


Happy Birthday...and thank you for introducing to me the idea of a week long celebration. Genius!!!


Wishing you the very happiest of birthdays! (And because you posted this so late in the day, I know that you did indeed have a happy birthday, which in turn makes me happy.)


Happy birthday, Nova! I love that polka dot wrapping paper so much, I should know, I have a roll of it myself! These are the best pictures - you guys look like you're having so much fun.


Happy birthday!

Looks like you had a great day!

Gorgeous yarn and box bags!


Happy Birthday! That chocolate frosted cake looks yummy. Glad you had such a fabulous day.


Aren't you generous! Mother's Day, birthdays all old times! Thanks for the fun.


Happy Birthday!!!!!

You can celebrate my birthday when you wake up. I hope you have a magnificent time with Special K and the boys today!



Happy Birthday! Your day sounds jam packed with awesome, congrats.


The best birthdays are spent with your children, experiencing things through their eyes as well as your own--can't beat it!
Love how you spent the day.


It's so cute that they baked a cake for you.


Happy birthday! I always enjoy your 8-day celebration. Here's to a fantastic year.


Happy Birthday!

Also, has anyone ever had Happy Birthday sung to them on-key? All participants invariably seem to just pick whatever key they want and go with it.


I just gave my mom a box bag for mother's day! Happy birthday to you, AND happy mother's day!


Happy Birthday, and Happy Mother's Day as well! It sounds like you all had a terrific day together!!


Happy birthday Nova!! I always feel like I'm celebrating your entire birthday week with you right there! :)


Happy Birthday Nova! What I want to know is what you say to Little Sir and Mister to get those great expressions in each picture!
Hope you're having the best bday yet.

Susan C.

Happy Birthday, Nova! What an amazing celebration - wow!


Happy birthday, Nova! Special days or not, your blog always makes me smile, so thankyou and many happy returns.


Happy birthday!

I used to go to the circus all the time for my birthday when I was younger. Yay for May birthdays! :)

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