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May 07, 2012



My brother always takes the cake for weird gifts - one year, when I was about nineteen, he and his then-girlfriend got me a Furby. Thankfully, that relationship didn't last long. There was also the year he got me philosophy books. I think I was about sixteen and he was probably just starting college, so maybe that explains it, but still - what sixteen year old girl wants PHILOSOPHY books for her birthday, eh?


My son loved the sheep herding - luckily he did nto walk away wanting a dog or any sheep.


Without a doubt, the craziest birthday gift I ever received was getting dumped by my boyfriend (who, incidentally, had the same birthday) in a foreign city.

I met Punsir shortly after, and now we're married! So obviously, my marriage is the result of my birthday "Get lost, lady."


Hmmm. I think the craziest birthday gift I ever got was a surprise from my parents -- we had moved (I was 8) away from my best friend, and he had amazingly moved also, only 2 hours away. They didn't tell me I was going to see him, but they did tell me that they had contacted the mayor of a small town in Ohio and that we were driving there so that the mayor could give me keys to the city and a parade. I spent the whole trip trying to figure out the perfect speech and wave to thank the town for my birthday present. When we arrived, it was only my friend, and I was glad to see him -- despite no parade.


hmmm. I honestly can't think of any birthday gift I've ever gotten that was that odd. Does it count if I always buy my own gifts for myself "from my husband"? :)


I don't think I've ever been gifted anything crazy but, speaking of sheep, we do have a running joke that our dog (who is a herding breed and got to attend a herding clinic last year for HIS birthday) keeps asking for sheep for his birthday. He's trying to convince us that he'll take good care of them but I'm no so certain. Of course to make matters worse, our newspaper recently put out an article about a local farm you can LEASE sheep from (just for the spring/summer months).


I'm late to the novakkah party, but happy birthday!

Off the top of my head, I wanted to share the craziest wedding present I received, since that just happened. A friend of my mother's (I've met this person exactly twice) bought us a super swanky wicker picnic basket, complete with actual plates, wine glasses and silverware. It is very nice, but really, when will I use that?

It's adorable that he wants you to get sheep, but I completely agree with your opinion!


Happy Birthday! With any luck, you'll also one day receive a large plastic pickle filled with pickle flavored powder and little pickled flavored bits of chewing gum. If you do happen to receive such a gift, relish it! (hehe


My boyfriend is known to get me random things- he will hand me his gift (wrapped in his signature "black garbage bag" wrapping paper) and it will have the most random things included- stationary, cookie monster boxer shorts, etc. Happy Birthday week!


Nova, I think sheep are a great idea. No more mowing the common area by the beach. In fact, no more mowing at all. We have enough grass in the neighborhood for a whole flock. What you do with them in the winter though...


Broccoli. An ex-boyfriend got me broccoli for my birthday one year (no, that's not why he's an ex). I like broccoli and all, but really?


Happy birthday again this year. I love these patterns and would love to win them. My husband once gave me a vacuum. His heart was in the right place because my daughter had recently been ruining the carpet and a wet vacuum was needed in the house, but REALLY?!?


Craziest gift - a hammer. My boyfriend now husband thought I needed a hammer It was a woman's hammer which kinda insulted me - what you think I need some sorta woosy hammer -but I actually used it a lot


Craziest gift was when boyfriend now husband bought me a case of wine and then hid the bottles all over his apartment. He had a great time watching me conduct a scavenger hunt, and we enjoyed that wine during many subsequent dinners!

Novelty christmas gifts

I had not been able to be there but my friends told me that this is amazing to be there

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