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May 06, 2012



I think I like Novakkah for the pictures. Best gift I've given someone else. Well, tragically (from a knitter's perspective), while I gave this person a hand knit swallowtail, the gift that continues to give this person a laugh 2 years later, is Hello Kitty fuzzy slippers. Kind of like Ugg Slippers with hot pink Hello Kitties. She talks about them all the time, brings them up as being awesome, and usually can't talk about them without giggling. And she still has them! I'm thinking, if you can give a gift that makes someone laugh each time they see it, that's got to be a win. :)


I would like to sound all snooty and say my birth was the best gift I'd ever given my mother but then her bday is in December. So the second best gift I've ever given was a surprise trip to the beach for my husband (then bf). He didn't even see it coming and was so excited to get out of town for the weekend without having to do any of the planning. It was such a fun and relaxing weekend!

Sarah R

No entry for the contest, alas.

But I did want to say it was a thrill to run into you at S&W. And your boys are cuter in person than in their pics...and the pics are pretty darn cute!

I felt a little like crazy stalker lady...hope I didn't come across that way.


I don't know if it's the best gift I ever gave, but I was super proud when I gave my sister handknit socks. Since I"m the slowest knitter ever, and socks take me the longest, it was a huge investment of time, but so worth it!

I'm glad you had fun at the festival! And yes, I'd say sleeping halfway through the drive is pretty awesome!


Well, I did my best to give my husband a daughter for his birthday, but she showed up a couple weeks early. (Actually, she would have been a week late if she'd been born on his birthday). I'm counting it anyway.


I try to give my mother a pair of handknit socks each year for her birthday. Since I started knitting socks for her, she has stopped wearing other socks unless she has to, and her birthday falls at the start of woolly sock season.


The shawl I made my mom for her birthday last year, which used laceweight alpaca yarn she had picked out quite some time ago. It turned out great, and her reaction to it was just priceless.

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