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May 11, 2012



My best birthday gift to myself is the gift of time. Guilt-free leisure time in which to do something I want to do.


Whoa how did I miss the celebration of Nova??? Happy Happy Birthday.
I spoil myself often, but on my birthday I spoil myself with my family. I make sure to spend the entire day with them. When I get back home I realize I am rich/spoiled beyond measure.
It is a priceless gift to yourself to let others let you know how much you matter to them.


One year (it was the year I turned 28) I gave myself a sweater's worth of yarn. (The fact that the sweater I knitted with it was a dud and is in the bottom of a drawer, awaiting frogging, is mostly irrelevant. It WAS a great gift, even if I did not use it well.)


Happy birthday!

The best birthday gift I have given myself was the birth of my second son. We almost shared a birthday but he was actually born the next day. He broke my water on my birthday. I would have shared my birthday with him had he not taken his time to appear in the world! I would have given up my special day for him.

Mary Mihaha

I just bought myself tickets to go see Fiona Apple live. Coincidentally, the day of the concert falls very near my birthday. Happy birthday to me!


The best gift to myself for my birthday...taking some days off from work on and near my birthday so I can relax and enjoy some time away.

Happy Birthday!


It doesn't sound as something big or special but it is for me: I treat myself with a day off on my birthday and spend it just like I want to: One year I went to a few exhibitions, the other year I went swimming and going for a long walk through the snow. No beach-visits on my birthday because its in winter...
It's my treat to myself not to work on that day because at my office its very stressfull. Himself and I end the day with a nice dinner, Dim Sum or Sushi or other yummy yummy food, either together with friends or en tête à tête.


When Leonard Cohen came to New Zealand the month before I turned 40 I bought platinum seating tickets to not one but BOTH concerts. Took hubby to one and my mum to the other (in different cities). The BEST self-gifting ever!


Chinese food and mimosas. All day. Choosing not to rely on other people for my birthday shenanigans may have been my best birthday gift to myself.


When I was 25, I bought myself an expensive (to me at that time) wool coat. It was the first week of the no tax on clothes policy NYC had, and the coat was a dupe of a super fabulous United Colors of Benneton one. I love that coat. I still have that coat and get compliments when I wear it.
Happy birthday, Nova.


I gave myself yarn this year :) Happy Birthday, Nova!


It's my birthday next week on the 17th, and I've decided to treat myself to a nice lunch. I always pack my lunch from home, so this is something I am looking forward to. The small joys of life! :)


Happy Birthday!!

I typically give myself the gift of a massage and a sweet treat all to myself. Yum!


For my last birthday I treated myself to a visit to the Art Institute and then met up with my girlfriends for a very indulgent afternoon tea at the Peninsula! I'd been wanting to do this for years, but it seemed awfully expensive and fancy. It was AWESOME!

Happy birthday eve!


Since my birthday is close to Christmas, I make sure I celebrate with a little dinner and a movie. Birthdays are special and should be honored.
Have a lovely birthday


I'm one of those people that don't indulge so I guess maybe I do need to change that! So let's see...this year, I'll buy myself a couple projects worth of yarn (well...I'm in the field again during my birthday so I'll buy it after the field season...does that work?)! Happy Birthday again Nova...sounds like you had a fantastic week!


I like to spend my birthday doing what I want to do. Even if it's the middle of the week and I have no one to do it with. If I feel like eating lunch at a certain restaurant, I go. Maybe take the dogs to the park, go to some yarn or book stores. Just enjoy my day.


I bought myself a crazy expensive mountain bike last year and everytime I ride it, I congratulate myself on a gift well chosen and given ;)


This year I bought the first gift I have ever
given myself - a spinning wheel. I love it
and I'm sure learning to spin will benefit
my 70 year old brain! You're never too old
to learn.
Happy birthday! Yours sounds extra special.


I gave myself a Bernina Activa 240 for my 30th birthday (and I was newly pregnant - I figured I deserved it). Hands-down the best gift ever.


A piano. Well - I had some help financially, but on my 30th birthday I bought a small (but mighty!) used piano. It has been a great and useful companion for the 15+ years since!

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