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May 10, 2012


katie metzroth

I'm learning so much here on your blog....cake leveler? I may have to go update my Amazon wishlist. :) I have to say that the Twilight New Moon sign from a store display from my dad (he found it at a garage sale) is the thing that comes to mind. I love it! - here's the pic http://www.metzroth.com/katie/?p=1038


Woo! More canned goods, made by Nova! Again, happy Novakkah to you! I'm glad you're having such a lovely birthday week with your family! A cake leveler is a pretty great gift!

My ex bought me a swift for my birthday one year. I hadn't considered having one, because it didn't seem like something I needed, but as I began in knit more and more often, it was so luxurious to have one. Plus, it's lovely to see it spinning around with a pretty yarn!

I've got my fingers crossed for those dilly beans!


A crock pot! I actually don't use it that often, but I do love it.


Never came across a food giveaway before but I love homemade goodies. Best gift - diamond earrings . Granted they are little chips but I'm a practical female and when my husband gave me these I fell in love all over again since I didn't think they'd be something I'd want


One of the best birthday gifts I ever got was when a friend unexpectedly made me a birthday cake and brought it to the campsite a few of us were sharing. My birthday had been the week before, but the celebration fizzled, so my friend decided I should get a better one.


The first year that the ipod nanos were out, I got one for my birthday from my brother. Never thought I would want one, but LOVED it.


SIL gave husband and I tickets to a National Geographic speaker series. 4 different shows. All great so far.


It's pretty sad that I can't think of a single thing for this one. This year someone had better surprise me with something I don't know I need!


The best birthday gift I ever got was my first year of college. The semester had just started, and I knew practically no one, and I was resigned to celebrating on my own. Until I checked my mailbox - which was stuffed full of cards, and a couple of gifts, from friends and family! They all came on the same day, which made it even more thrilling.

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