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May 06, 2013



Congrats on the new job! Love the book embroidery.

The most practical gift I ever gave myself was probably a coat. A long, warm coat that I refer to as my "sleeping bag coat" because I think that's what all shin-length down (&alternative) coats look like no matter how fitted they are. They are necessary for those brutal NYC winters. The city is an island and on some streets you just hit a pure wind tunnel as the wind whips between the buildings.


Congratulations on starting at the new place, and liking it!

The most practical gift I received from myself was a new laptop, when I had started to get into my dissertation and my old laptop took about 2 minutes to show what I typed. (It was also the most expensive gift I gave myself...) It was certainly one of the reasons I finished my phd more or less on time (generously speaking...).

PS. I love the embroidery, and would love to win the kit.


Happy novakah! Most practical - new shoes. I only wear practical shoes.


Congrats on the new job!

The most practical gift I ever gave myself was a new coffee pot. I can't survive a day without one and the old one died just before my birthday.


I gave myself permission to say "No". It came with age and started with, "I'm 56 years old and I don't have to eat burned toast if I don't want to." ;0)
Happy Birthday and Happy New Job to the smartest one in the room. ;0) You go girl!!!!!!!


Congratulations and best wishes on the new job!

The most practical gift I ever gave myself were blocking mats. No more achy back, bending and acrobating all over the bed, and worrying if the bed is getting too wet. Now I can block my project anywhere, and anytime, I please!


Congrats on the new job Nova!! The most practical gift I've ever given myself was new bras. And not like fun sexytime bras, just regular, boring, to wear under t-shirts bras. As I am sure you know, good bras are expensive as hell & I haaaaaate shopping for them so I don't do it often. 2 years ago all my bras were underwire-pokey and stretched out so for my birthday I went to Macy's and plunked down like $350 on stupid bras. Boring $ expensive, but necessary.


so so glad you like your new job! my wife is an archivist and she has dreams of working for a library at some point.

my most practical self gift has been a pair of Frye boots that i got for my birthday last year. they replaced a cheapo pair that i had spent the better part of 4 years wearing and i expect to wear these just as much, hopefully for even longer. i probably also bought myself new car parts or something at some point, too, but that's not as much fun for me. :)

Kathode Ray Tube

Congrats on your new job! I know so many librarians, including my brother. Aside from yarn, I'm pretty practical. I bought myself a Polarfleece jacket which I wear constantly.


The most perfect gift I ever bought for myself was my spinning wheel. I'd wanted one for a long time and I was saving up my pennies. Then I up and quit my job, and I unexpectedly got 2 weeks of severance pay even though they made me leave that day, as well as pay for my unused vacation day. I bought the spinning wheel two weeks later (the morning after I got engaged, actually). It was such a treat to use that money for something frivolous.


ooh, a perfect reminder that i need to get back to that redwork project! thanks again for such a sweet block.

(no need to enter me for this gift.)

Also? Happy Birthday!


all gifts are practical, right? I mean, even lacy yarn, because cost per hour of entertainment and you're going to MAKE something... yeah, it's good that I am too frugal to indulge my wildly unpractical desires to buy things.
The most practical gift I got myself would probably be my last computer I bought 2 years ago. It replaced the desktop computer I bought in 1999. That's right, I was trying to work with a budget 11 year old desk top. Let me tell you, I'd never have blogged if I'd kept that dinosaur.

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