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May 09, 2013


Kathode Ray Tube

I donated money to a local college radio station so my brother could be a guest DJ for an hour. He loved it and it was really fun.

Rachel H

For my friend's 30th birthday I gave him the two craziest things I've ever given anyone. He had been asking me to make him a cape for years, so I knitted a cape out of 3 strands of cotton yarn held together. If that wasn't hard enough on the hands, I had to upsize a woman's pattern for a nearly 7' tall man. Then I crocheted 3 Xs and sewed them to the back to fit the night's 'dirty thirty' theme. The other thing I gave him was a life-size cardboard cutout of Sweetums, the Muppet. (don't ask)


Craziest birthday gift - when my husband turned 50 I gave him 50 birthday presents. Homemade gift coupons (free time from kids, cookies, movie date, etc.) regular gifts - waffle maker, craft brewed beer, hand knit hat. It's hard to come up with 50 gifts but really gratifying to come up with stuff that is low cost but he would like as well regular stuff. worth the effort.

PS red is my favourite colour. Hint hint!

Mary Jo

Igave my son 1/2 a canoe for his 13 birthday.
He saved and bought me the other half for my birthday. We had many canoe and fishing trips together including one on Lake Superior and one in the Boundary Waters. Best present ever ; )


I actually think Mary Jo's may be the best gift. :)

And, I got a little emotional because I think your Mom's gift is so thoughtful. Yeah, I'm pregnant. a lot of things make me emotional. :)

Craziest gift I gave someone was grapefruit spoons and hello kitty slippers. She loves hello kitty and complained about how hard it was to get grapefruit out and had never heard they make spoons for that! If you ask us about GIVING practical gifts, maybe that will be mine. :)

Carolyn Robinson

The craziest gift I have received was one my sister made me as a joke: cat poo shaped chocolate!

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