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May 11, 2013



Gosh, yes, the accountability of making "in public" certainly spurs me on. maybe a weekly or bi-weekly post?

most overwhelming gift? on my 21st i got a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from someone i hardly knew.

Emma in France

I think when I got my Huskylock 936 serger, so many possibilities and so much to remember even after the one day class.


I once told my husband I'd like diamond stud earrings. My husband is someone where things go inane ear and out the other. When he presented me with the earrings and told me he'd gone to Toronto to buy them which is 100km (80 miles) from where we live because the jewelry stores where we live had poorer quality diamonds I couldn't believe the time, effort and energy he'd put into fulfilling my wish. Totally overwhelming!


Wow, I'm blaming pregnancy brain for completely forgetting that there might be a party over here! I'm glad I chose today to try to catch up on blogs! I've never worked with Madeline tosh though, ironically, it's the favorite yarn of someone I (kind of) taught to knit... well, encouraged to knit. And now she knits circles around me. Hmmm, the most overwhelming gift... how about all the stuff that Rocky has been getting to get ready for the delivery of the baby. Not so much the stuff, but more because it melts my heart how excited he is. :)


My most overwhelming gift was my fancy Brother sewing machine. I'd just mentioned to my husband that I'd like one, but would buy something much simpler. I totally didn't expect him to remember number and model, but it showed up on my doorstep eight months later for my birthday! :)


My eleven-year-old daughter used her own money to take me out for a coffee, scone and new book for Mother's Day this year. Very, very sweet, and she's been planning it for over a month. I think I work through knit projects faster when I'm posting them on Ravelry, maybe accountability helps a little. Happy Mother's Day.


I'm past 1159 EST but had to comment that I'm very glad to be a motivator. OF course, I won't get to see any of said posts after this week until I get out of the field in October, but all's good. I'll catch up then! Honestly the accountability thing is one of the main reasons I continue to blog...doesn't mean I won't get stuff done otherwise, but it does spur me on!

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