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May 10, 2013



My husband gave me a luggage cart to haul my stuff in and out of school. It was completely his idea, and it was exactly what I needed and didn't know it.

Mary Jo

My husband was not fond of the practical gift I put in a Xmas stocking our first x-mas. It was a handy container of assorted drill bits. But a couple of years later he confessed that it was a great gift and hint-hint he wouldn't mind getting it again.
Now as we grow older the gift giving has been limited to our grown children as we have what we want or need and instead of regular gifts for each other we make a donation in each others name to a charity ; )
husband really likes this practical idea for gifts cause it gets him off the hook for picking out gifts. And it makes both of us happy to share and help someone else.


my parents bought me a crockpot for my birthday a couple years ago. the truly ridiculous thing was they called to tell me my gift was on my way and started completely giggling and acting ridiculous and as my mom tee-heed she said "We hope you'll like it. We're having SO MUCH FUN with ours!!!" and I spent the next few weeks before it arrived in complete fear of what in the hell had they sent me some weird sex toy or something?!?!


I think anything kitchen related falls into this category. My KitchenAid mixer was a gift...cookbooks have been gifts. In return, I tend to opt to give practical yet pretty...so functional pottery (like a tortilla warmer or a veggie steamer), locally made wooden spoons or bread knives etc. I think I like these kinds of gifts the best!

Wow -- a longarm quilter is pretty fabulous. Now we just need to get you posting more to see all these amazing things you make throughout the year! ;)


Nice kitchen knives. The man loves to cook.


My mom was all about practical gifts - think matched luggage for graduation, pots for birthdays, sheets, etc. but the one gift that I totally appreciated and use to this day was a sewing machine. It's an old sears ken more, nothing fancy but a true workhorse.


Oh, I want! I love your bags. The most practical gift ever was the black briefcase that my parents got me as a high school graduation gift. You know, because we were required to have those stupid things for the Academy. Of course, I was such a nerd, I thought it was awesome. That has faded. But I still have it. Go figure.

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