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May 07, 2013



OH this one is easy! The best gift anyone could possibly give me is the gift of being ALONE. I want the whole house to myself with no husband, child or chores to do for a minimum of 8 hours. Oh, precious silence!


Free manicures and pedicures for a year! That would totally brighten my day every time I looked at my nails :)


last night i would have told you the perfect gift for me would be cash (as always), but this morning i saw a news clip about a guy in a flying suit who was zooming around and honestly, that would be my dream- a flying suit and flying lessons. i think i would do anything to fly like that.


Kathode Ray Tube

A waffle iron


I like gifts that go away or get used up. Food, tickets to an event. Things that don't take up space in my house forever.


Right now, someone to write my thesis for me.


I like gifts I wouldn't buy for myself - really expensive yarn, spa day, weekend away to somewhere!


the most perfect gift are the ones that people want but are too practical to buy for themselves. :) I've never been particularly practical, but occasionally I am and I'm extra excited when someone ignores logic and buys me what I want anyway. :) And Janice made me a lover of cardamom. :)

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