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May 05, 2014



aw! i love Novakkah!
my of my favorite birthday memories was my 30th. my folks worked with my wife for a few months to plan it. they flew out to surprise me for dinner, then we went up to Cape Cod for the weekend. it was sweet of them to come and sweet of my wife to help plan it and participate.
happy start to your birthday week!


We had a Nancy Drew birthday party for my daughter when she was in the fourth grade. The girls had so much fun running around the house with their flashlights finding clues and solving the mystery.

Happy birthday to you!


today is my twin daughters' fourth birthday, so this day four years ago is my best birthday memory. :)


So good to see you pop up! My favorite birthday was my 6th when I got a Cher barbie doll!


I think the roots of my Mimosa Day celebrations go way back to my 12th birthday. My sister had turned 21 the year before, and one of her gifts was a somewhat decent bottle of champagne (I'm not sure why her 21st birthday got this treatment, since we live in Canada, where she'd been of legal drinking age for two years already, but whatever.) I, being rather fond of champagne despite my tender years, managed to convince my parents that 12, being the inverse of 21, also deserved some bubbly. So they got me a mini bottle. That was pretty happy, and now, x number of years later, I celebrate every birthday by drinking bubbly all day. It's fabulous.


My favorite birthday memory was my 25th. A big group of friends and I went to a microbrewery tour where I got to place a glove over a bottle and run it down the bottling line AND compete in a polka and beauty contest. I won! (It was based on audience applause and there were about 20 friends in the audience.) The best part: I got to wear a tiara.


My most memorable birthday was my 21st, and I was in Scotland for study abroad. My friends took me on a pub crawl the night before, and I was SO hungover on my actual birthday. What makes it my favorite is that my friends took me on a picnic lunch and then my grandparents arrived for their visit!


you know I'm totally in for knitting related! I'd say last year's was pretty good when I was convinced I was sharing my birthday with Iain. Instead, I had some mild contractions and ate the best steak of my life at Ruth Chris Steakhouse. Rocky got to drink my birthday champagne (for obvious reasons) and we had strawberries flambe. [and, of course, the red convertible birthday is awesome too, but I've used that one here before]


Oh, happy time of year!

One of my best birthday memories is the party I threw for my daughters when they were 8 and 10. The theme was cooking/food. They made chef hats to go with the personalized aprons I made (from old tablecloths), and all the food (I did prep) -- pita pizzas, fruit kebabs, ice cream cone cake -- and all of the games and favors were food-themed. SO MUCH FUN. It's about 20 years later and most of those friendships did not endure, but they ALL remember that party! And I had a blast, too.


My best birthday memory is probably my own fifth birthday, when we had a Wizard of Oz party-- my dad and I drew a yellow brick road in chalk on the driveway and made a Wicked Witch of the West piñata, we played pin Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road and my dad dressed up as the Tin Man and my brother who was one year old at the time dressed as the Cowardly Lion. It was a great party!

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