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May 10, 2014



Oh no! I threw out my back last year and it was the worst ever. I hope you both feel better!

I can't really think of a birthday disaster, but it always seems to rain on my birthday. Which it is, today, on my birthday here in Massachusetts. Of course! I forgot, are we birthday twins? I always get excited for Novakkah because it's my birthday week as well. Either way, happy birthday!


My birthday disaster is fortunately pretty mundane. My parents flew out early for graduation and took me out to dinner. We got out of the car and my dad promptly closed the car door on my fingers. I spent dinner with my fingers in a glass of ice and my mom had to cut up my food for - I bet that was a sense of deja vu, ay? The funny thing was later when I went to the academy clinic. I guess since my parents were there, they were going to pretend they were better than they really were - x-rays, major wrapping and splinting. You name it, they did it. :)


Oh no!! My birthday disaster... well, that would be the time that someone turned out the lights at the very moment that I lifted Mom's birthday cake to carry into the dining room. I experienced a bit of disorientation and vertigo and the cake ended up on the floor! Boohoo.

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