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May 12, 2014



sorry your birthday was a bummer! hopefully everyone is healthy and your makeup celebration is great!


Sometimes life really does interfere with birthday fun. Hope everybody's OK, and that next year's birthday is more straight-up celebration. Happy birthday!


This will be one of those memorable birthdays, eh? Your Little Mister sure is getting BIG!

Happy Birthday, Nova!!


well i'm glad you got a celebration, even if it was delayed. many well wishes to you and your family!


Oh no! Hope everything is ok!


I hope everything's all right! Happy Novakkah!


I'm sorry that it wasn't the best day. But Happy Birthday, all the same! :) Love!
xxxx, Kathy


Hope your makeup celebration is AWESOME.....and that Kelly is feeling much better. Happy graduation to the new doctor in your house and to all of you who journeyed with him. Let the celebrations begin!

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