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plain woven scarf

plain woven scarf

little sir's scarf, or look, i wove something

Pattern: None really, this was sort of arranged and done on the fly.

Final Measurement: (Without fringe) 5.75" x 48"

Materials/Yarn: Knit Picks Palette in Pool (blue) and Orange (for both warp and weft)

Weft: I alternated the blue and orange in groups of 12 (total of 60 ends)

Warp: I doubled the yarn (individual colors) and wove color blocks that seemed balanced with the warp arrangement.

Thoughts: I sped through this, it took me about three hours to weave (the warping-putting the yarn on the loom to actually weave--took longer of course, particularly since I had no idea what I was doing and kind of made things up as I went along).

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